Women in the front line to improve their social economic status through the self help group concept-The story of Hellen.

“My laughter tells it all, I never had anything but now I have something to call mine. My name is Helen, I joined Togyon in 2017 when Edmond was mobilizing for self help groups . I did not have anything to eat leave alone to save. However, I made up my mind to join the group and asked God to bless me through the group. At the time of joining the group, I thought it was all going to be about money. I however realized that SHG is far different and the best approach to empower needy people like me. I started by saving 20 shillings weekly and this made it possible for me to receive my first loan. My group advised me not to use the loan to buy cloths or expensive delicacies but invest in a business.  I settled for buying and selling mangoes and before long I started making small profits. The profits  paid off the loan, feed my children and make my savings. I asked for a second loan and expanded my business. I started buying mangoes in Lomut and selling them in Psigor thus making a bigger profit. Before long I had moved to Chepareria selling mangoes and I was making enough money to sustain the business and cater for our needs. I am proud because I have constructed a two bed roomed 18 iron sheets semi permanent house just from the mango business and group loans. I have moved from the grass thatched house I was living in to a now more comfortable house. If someone had told me three years ago that I would one day live in an iron roofed house I wouldn’t have believed it. I have learnt that miracles do exist but it also calls for our determination, self drive and hard work. If I wouldn’t have taken the step of joining an SHG group, I would be still dreaming and going hungry. I am grateful to the Jitokeze team for bring the SHG concept to us because through it we are finding our ways to comfortable living and development.” ( Hellen Togyon SHG participant).    

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