Who we serve

Vulnerable Girls in West Pokot County

We serve girls who have suffered harmful cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation, early marriages and denied access to education just because they were born girls. These practices lock our girls and their children in the cycle of poverty and make them highly vulnerable to harsh realities like violation, unemployment, food insecurity and conflict.  

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Farming Women in Semi Arid Areas of West Pokot

We also serve women farmers that live in Semi Arid Areas of West Pokot who face the greatest vulnerability to droughts and conflicts in West Pokot Kenya. These women are not only the pillars of their families and respective communities, they also poses diverse capabilities that is unexplored due to challenging social, economic, cultural and environmental circumstances that they have battled with most of their lives.  Hence we seek to empower these women to embrace their potential to overcome poverty and vulnerability as well as to nurture and lead their communities into realizing the vision of sustainability.

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How We Serve Vulnerable Girls

Priscila Kapcherop

Tailoring Skills Training


Training in Organic Farming, Chicken Farming and Tree Nursery Establishment



Maureen Cheyech at her shop

Enterpreneurship Skills Training

Lifeskills Training and Psychosocial Support for Girls in our Training Program

Basic Literacy, numeracy and writing  Skills Training

Primary Subjects Training

How We Serve Vulnerable Farming women

Mobilization and Training in the Self Help Groups Concept


Joint meeting in Toghomo Sub location

Mobilization and Training in the Cluster Level Associations Concept



Mobilization and Training in Tree Seedling Production and Tree Planting

Mobilization and Training in Improved Indigenous Chicken Production