Global warming is the slow increase in the global temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming occurs when an increased amount of the sun’s heat energy is trapped within the earth’s atmosphere that is radiated out to space, this is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. Jitokeze Wamama Waafrika works to increase awareness on global warming within the marginalized communities of West Pokot. By helping to improve agricultural practices, the organization hopes to improve livelihoods and reduce the communities’ carbon footprint and minimize the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is important in ensuring that the earth’s atmosphere is warm and suitable for the emergence and sustenance of all life. Without the greenhouse effect, the earth would be very cold. Global warming occurs because too much of the sun’s heat energy is being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere causing the global temperature to rise. In fact, so much of the sun’s heat is being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere that the global temperature is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Greenhouse gas is a gas that has the capacity to absorb heat energy emitted by the earth and radiating it back to the earth’s surface thereby contributing to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is the highest emitted greenhouse gas at 74%, 57% of which is emitted by fossil use. Other gasses include Methane, nitrous oxide and other fluorinated gases. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) emphasises that is vital to maintaining the temperature increase below 1.5 degree Celsius so that the world would face fewer negative impacts on climate change.

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