Striving to Succeed-A Story of Hope, Struggles and Determination- Maureen Cheyech

“After completing my training at Jitokeze Wafrika in 2016, I was not lucky enough to start my own business as I had always dreamt. All the commission I had made through sewing various products for the online shop went it paying my fee arrears for the two years I was at Jitokeze. I chose to seek employment in Makutano town where I would be contracted to sew different products for a small fee. I saw this as a good strategy because I was going to earn, learn how to run a sewing business and at the same time make contact with customers. Although I would only make small amount of money, I had a good opportunity to learn how to run a sewing business and I knew the skills will come in handy when I finally establish mine. I worked for two years as a contract seamstress and the earnings I got helped me get a second hand sewing machine. this was a great achievement to me considering I would use part of that money for my upkeep, pay my sons fees and give some to my mother. With my own sewing machine, I decided to leave my job and start my small business. I couldnt do much considering I had no fabrics to begin with. I settled on a shop verandah and started mending cloths for customers. once in a while I would get good business like sewing school uniforms. Although I left my job, I sometimes get small business from Jitokeze to sew products for their online shop. the money I get from this contract goes into settling my remaining fee arreas because I am yet to clear. Life is much easier  despite the fact that I am still clearing my fee. A day can not pass without me making some cash from my business even after working at Jitokeze. If not for these skills I acquired at Jitokeze, I would probably be still selling charcoal and firewood back in my village and my son wouldnt be in school. I have dreams of expanding my business one day and even from from a verandah to a real shop and even start training other girls interested in fashion design and garment making”

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