“I have been a member of Komposumban Self help group from 2018. I joined the group through the help of my friend Samson who is also in the same group. We used to hang out together but he became busy all of a sudden making it hard to meet.  I later learnt that he had started a fuel business and was running a barber shop at the center.

I was happy for him but felt sorry for myself. Being a good friend, he directed me to this Self help group that had supported him financially, socially and morally. I was ashamed to be seen with women but when I started attending the farmers meetings and training I became proud of them.

From this group, my life has transformed. I am no longer idle as I used to be because I have started buying and selling goats and has helped my wife start a vegetable store. Apart from this I have learnt to save my money something that was very hard. Through this group, I have stopped taking alcohol.  farmers have been very supportive by helping me invest my money in my business and keeping on following up on me to ensure I don’t relapse.

Currently, I no longer think of getting money to purchase liquor but to save and invest in my small business. This is because I have learnt to have a vision and how to plan and work towards achieving it. I am now close to my family and most especially my wife whom I had neglected for long. I believe that just like me, other men can be helped to redirect their resources from alcohol to developmental projects given a chance. I feel obliged to help others just as I have been helped. I am trying to mobilize other people who are not in groups to form theirs and start pulling their resources together to help each other.”


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