Ray of Hope To Vulnerable Girls and Women-The story of Christine Riamareng

“My name is Christine from Morpus Batei ward. I am the third born in a family of six. I spent most of my life at home with my mother and my three siblings since my father was busy moving around in search of pastures for his cattle. My mother never saw the need of taking us to school and at the age of 12 years, I got married off. Being a victim of early and forced married, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just an innocent and naive girl then. Things changed when I got pregnant. My husband started neglecting me and became an irresponsible drunkard. I continued staying in an abusive marriage until I gave birth hoping that things will change for the best which never did.

My mother accepted me back home but I had to fend for myself and for my daughter. Life became hard  and I almost lost my mind due to stress. I left home one day and started wandering in the village not sure of where I was going or what I was looking for. I thank God that one girl, a former student of Jitokeze, noticed me and called out for me. I stayed in her tailoring shop and watched her work. She than shared with me how she had lost control of her life when she got divorced but through Jitokeze she is back on track and even has a small business to support herself and her two children.

I got motivated and through her help, I came to Jitokeze where I have started my fashion design and garment making training.

Although I have been at the center for only three months, there is a lot that I have learnt and I am proud of myself.  I dint even know how to write my name or even speak Swahili but slowly through the adult and continuing education training, I have learnt how to write my name, some Swahili and English phrases and most importantly I am learning how to read and write. I have also learnt how to draft and sew cloths. I have started believing in myself and I thank God that Jitokeze has made me start valuing myself again. Just as I was helped, it is my prayer that I also start my sewing business in future and use it to empower other girls like me through training them to acquire this vital skills.”


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