Every year in March, July and October we give our partners and supporters an opportunity to join us for 8 days of learning and serving with us here in West Pokot Kenya.

You are welcome to join us in any of these trips.

Some of the benefits you will get from participating in this trip include:

    1. Learning about our history as well as the economic, social, political and cultural and environmental context within which we serve.

    2. Opportunities to visit with us and with the people that we serve here in West Pokot and learn more about the impact of our work.

    3. Opportunities to participate in the various skills training activities that we provide to our beneficiaries that include tailoring, beadwork, literacy, numeracy and writing and teaching.

    4. Opportunities to be present with us and experience richness of our community, food, music, dance and faith

    5. Opportunities to share your gifts, talents, culture and personal story with us.

For more details about this trips, please contact Philipine Kidulah at  philipine.kidulah@jitokezewafrika.org