National Climate Change Strategy: 9 years on yet Kenyan’s still die of starvation

Kenya has endured a cycle of droughts and floods, each year the effects being worse than the year before. This year, vulnerable groups are facing starvation as a result of droughts that are ravaging several counties. While the government’s poor planning largely to blame, this issue opens dialogue on the impact of climate change on food security. Nine years ago the Kenyan government launched national climate change response strategy and five years later, it launched the National Climate Change action plan. This seemingly comprehensive and progressive plan took 20 months to produce. It emphasized on strengthening the country’s resilience to climate change and reducing the carbon footprint. Since the launch of this plan, the country continues to suffer through the cycle of droughts and floods. But why? Considering all the effort that has been put into creating the national climate change action plan, five years later, shouldn’t we have made headway in strengthening climate change resilience in the country? Especially among the vulnerable populations? What derails this plan is what ails all the other sectors of our government, a kleptocratic culture, the prioritization of white elephant projects and bad politics. These expensive ailments have led to the current economic bankruptcy, meaning there is no money for the 1.8 trillion to be set aside for the 5 year climate change program. Jitokeze Wamama Waafrika works with vulnerable communities of West Pokot to strengthen their resilience to negative effects of climate change. Food security is one of the most important causes the organization champions. One successful program is the farmer’s empowerment program which empowers women by teaching sustainable agriculture and irrigation methods to ensure that their families have food all year round. See how this program has helped Elizabeth Chelimo and her family and help us assist more families like these by donating to our causes.

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