Mercy Nekesa

Mercy is a hard working and jovial young lady who joined our program in 2018. She completed her primary education but could proceed since her mother could not raise fee for her secondary education. Her father had abandoned them for another wife and he was not willing to support them thus she was forced to drop out. While at home, she took interest in sewing and would visit a seamstress friend to learn. through the help of her aunt who was in our farmers empowerment program, Mercy came to join Jitokeze. she showed great intrest and committment in her work and after just one year, she started making products at a commission. Through this commission, she managed to offset her fee balance and also raise enough capital for an electronic sewing machine. Mercy still helps us in making various products from which she earns commission to support her mother and sister as well as meet her needs. She dreams of starting her sewing business one day.