Kenya, Its time for Climate Smart Agriculture!

Climate change poses a critical challenge for food security in Kenya and the rest of the world. Agriculture is the sector that is hit the hardest by climate change. More than ever, farmers need to build their resilience to climate change so that they are able to feed the growing population in a way that does not further deplete our natural resources of soil and water.

Climate smart agriculture is not a new phenomenon. It is an approach help those who manage agricultural systems respond effectively to climate change. It relates to actions both on and off farm measures that help production systems to best respond the impacts of climate change and to adjust these systems to suit local conditions now and in the future. This approach is key in supporting sustainable development and food security in a changing climate.

Different aspects of climate smart agriculture include proper and sustainable management of farms, crops and fisheries, conservation of ecosystems and landscape, sensitization for farmers for better management of climate risks and changes in how we consume food

Climate smart agriculture is about increasing sustainable production and income. Adapting and building resilience to the impact of climate change and wherever possible, reducing green-house gasses.



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