Impact of Climate Change as Observed by Farmers in West Pokot County

Farmers in West Pokot County have observed the impact of climate change across the entire county. Climate change has affected agriculture across the production system as well as the quality of produce. One of the most commonly cited changes observed by farmers is the occurrence of torrential rains. Torrential rains have caused wide spread soil erosion and leaching of soil. The poor soil quality in turn results in poor quality crops, particularly for potatoes, and can increase production costs as farmers are required to apply more fertilizer. Consumption costs have also gone up, as the low production leads to shortages and spikes in demand. Farmers also observed that increasingly, rains fall continuously rather than intermittently. The continuous rains are then followed by long dry spells.  Since radiation during the rainy period is inadequate, crop growth stagnates and are soon exposed to strong radiation during the dry spells. In addition, the onset of the first growing season delays and starts in late April rather than in mid-March, which delays planting. This tendency is tied to the new phenomenon of unpredictable rainfall that disrupts farmers´ ability to plan their crop cycles. For example, little planting is carried out in the short rains period which is supposed to begin in November. Farmers also note that there is a longer gap between the First and Second rains within the same season, thus longer dry spells. At Jitokeze Wamama Waafrika, we are working in tandem with farmers to strengthen resilience against the negative impacts of climate change. Finally, farmers report lifestyle changes due to changes in climate. In general, residents of West Pokot now wear lighter clothing compared to the late 1980s when the climate was cooler and people wore heavier clothing.
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