Self Help Groups Championing for Food Security In their Communities

Food has always been scarce in most parts of Lomut and Sekerot Location. Even though we have been trained on sustainable agriculture, our efforts are rendered futile by the harsh climatic conditions. Most farmers harvest their produce between September and October depending with when they planted. These produce can however not be stored for long without being infested by insects. For this Reason, we end up selling our farm produce at cheap prices and later go hungry due to unavailability of maize in the area. Self Help Group concept has empowered us to deal with this problem and we are no longer hungry.

We have ventured into cereal businesses and due to easy and quick access to money, it is now possible to buy over 100 bags. This has not only seen us make money but also made food available to the community at large. I get maize from as far as Trans-Nzoia and sell it to other traders within Lomut and Sekerot. I observed that people have money but they can not travel far to get maize. As a result, most of them were going hungry and being extorted by unscrupulous traders.

Through the self help group concept, we have appreciated the virtue of identifying problems within our communities and standing in those gaps. I wouldn’t have started this maize store without other farmers efforts and our weekly savings that gave me capital. I am proud because I am making some profit from the business and my people have access to maize.”

(Jane from Ngoting Self Help Group in Lomut)


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