“I came to Jitokeze in 2016 through the help of Selina Andiema the then field officer Mnagei ward. I knew Jitokeze through my guardian who is also my mother in law. I moved to her home when I got pregnant and my foster parents disowned me. Since I am an orphan with no relatives that I know of, I had no option that to go live with her. Life was hard and no one seemed to care about me. I was more of a house help and when every one left for school I went grazing with my son. My mother in law despised me because of my back ground and kept accusing me of misleading her son who had joined university to continue with his studies. In 2016, she agreed to enroll me for a tailoring course at Jitokeze. I was happy not because I was going back to school but because I had a chance to get away from all the torments she would put me through. I had become so emotional and always fell the victim of her criticism. At Jitokeze, I spent most of my time sewing. I didn’t want to interact because I feared getting hurt or causing trouble. I dreaded going home during holidays but I had no choice. During my second year, my mother in law stopped paying my tuition fee. I worked hard in the production class and luckily by the end of my training I had settled the fee. I had however not raised enough commission to purchase a sewing machine as I had planned. I never lost hope even as I went back home and continued grazing while performing house chores. I later approached my trainers back at Jitokeze and asked them to allow me go back to work in the production class. Although I have not established my business yet, I have peace of mind and I feel contented with my life. I have already raised enough money for a sewing machine and some fabrics but have chosen to just work here. To some reason I have found peace here and everyone around treats me with love something I used to long for. I will still establish my business someday and take my son to live with me.”

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