From classroom to Farming-The story of Elizabeth Chelimo

I joined Chemwok Self help group in 2018 and one year down the line I have seen a lot of benefits. Despite being a primary teacher, I realized there was a lot that I did not know. Through our trainer Edmond, I learnt how to keep poultry, cultivate my farm and be part of a group. I channeled water to my farm and planted some bananas, mangoes and sugar canes. I also planted cow peas, spider herbs and clotoraria for home consumption. My green grams however dried due to lack of enough water. Due to the ongoing drought, we have limited the amount of water we channel to the farms to ensure we have sufficient for home and animals consumption. After being trained on sustainable Agriculture, I decided to start using manure as opposed to the inorganic fertilizers that are not only expensive but also harmful to the soil. Apart from farming, I have also started a small food café. I accesses a loan from my group and used it to open the café. I have also ventured into poultry project to cushion myself in case one of my projects stalls. So far I have a total of 30 chickens although I have not improved my breed from the indigenous breed.  I sometimes sell the chickens to get some chicken feeds and to settle some bills when need arises.  Poultry project has been very beneficial because I also get eggs for home consumption especially when I can not access any vegetable due to time constraints.

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