From A bar room to an SHG Training venue-The story of Elizabeth Chenang’at

“When Perpetual yator first visited my home, every one was scared and some of my clients started running away out of fear of being arrested. Little did we know that she was God sent to deliver us and change our perspective about life. I am a single mother of four children and raising them has not been easy. Life tribulations and constant rejection from my family is what drove me to  making and selling illicit brew. Although my business made other villagers especially those saved to side line me, I was happy i could make some money.

my clients were mostly elderly women and men and since i had no other place to run my business I converted my house to a bar. Business was not always good though because both my clients and I suffered constant police arrests for running illegal business.

When perpetual shared about the SHG concept, the elderly women who had come for their drinks saw it a good idea and elected me the group chair lady there and then. since we were only seven, we each recruited one member and we formed Tabalak Self Help Group.

We started meeting weekly and making a small savings of 100 shillings. Perpetual helped me establish a vegetable garden to raise my weekly savings since I could not continue selling alcohol. My home transformed from being a bar to SHG meeting venue. I took my first loan and bought chickens for eggs production to support my vegetable business.

My life started transforming and people stopped hating me. Other women would visit me to share about farming and SHG concept.  I took a second loan to buy a bull for rearing together with my sheep. Through the SHG training, I have learnt that there are many ways of generating income and still be at peace with others. I am at peace with myself and my neighbors and I am no longer worried of where or how to get money in cases of emergency”.

(Elizabeth Chenangat, Tapalak SHG, Kapkoris Location)


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