Fighting illiteracy Among vulnerable girls- The story of Susan Chenang’at

“My name is Susan Chepengat from Morpus. One year ago I joined Jitokeze wafrika to learn fashion design and garment making under the girl empowerment program. I had never been to school before thus I had no skills in writing and reading. Jitokeze did not discriminate me based on this weakness but took it as the starting point in transforming my life. I got enrolled in the adult and continuing education where I started training reading and writing. I would attend this class twice a week and the rest of the other days in fashion design classes. Unlike other students, I used to be given oral exams and all the questions had to be read out loud and interpreted to facilitate my understanding and provide appropriate answers which the examiner would have to write for me. I didn’t feel comfortable because I would feel others were laughing at me especially when I give a wrong answer. My trainers were patient with me and they kept on encouraging me. Slowly by slowly, I started reading and scribbling things on my own. I started asking my trainers for more homework to perfect my newly acquired skills and before long I started sitting exams like other students. My performance improved greatly and I gained confidence in myself again. Since I could take measurements well and perform simple calculations, my sewing improved as well. I feel more confident to even sit for the national literacy exams in July this year to get a proficiency certificate in basic reading, writing and numeracy. Apart from this I am also planning to register for the National industrial Training Authority exams once I get the required examination fees. All these would never have been possible if jitokeze had not believed in me and given me this opportunity despite my background.”

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