Embracing Female Education for A better Tomorrow- The story of Mary kameur

“When my husband died, I went back to my father’s house where I started living with my children. My father did not like the idea of me sending my children to school and kept on discouraging me. One time he told me to give out my daughters as house maids and my sons as herders to start generating income. I felt bad considering the fact that he had denied me education and was trying to deny my children their right to education as well. When I remained adamant, he chased me out of his home. I felt broken but my determination to see my children educated got even stronger. I cancelled my daughters and discouraged them from undergoing Female Genital mutilation. All I wanted was for them to have a different life from the one I had lived. I later joined a self help group of farmers who have been with me all through. I got moral support from them and when my children were sent from school due to lack of school fees, I easily acquired a loan to settle the school needs. God blessed me with well wishers as well and currently my second born daughter is in her final year at the university and the rest are completing their high school level. Apart from educating my children, my dream of owning land and having my own place to stay has come true. Through self help group, my honey business expanded which made it possible for me to increase my weekly savings thus making it possible for me to get large loans. Each loan I got went into constructing my house and part of it went into my honey business to ensure I get some returns to repay the loan and for home expenses. I thank God for how my life has turned out. I am no longer the poor widow who had nothing. All people who used to mock me for not circumcising my daughters are the people approaching me for advice. I have forgiven my father as well and from the small income I get I ensure I take care of him as well. My goal now is to sensitize other women on the importance on educating their children and not giving up despite the challenges. ”

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