“I am a tailor by profession but for a long time my business has been dwindling making it hard for me to feed my six children and meet their daily needs. I had tried visiting schools to get tenders for school uniforms all in vain. However, through the help of Rael, one of my neighbors, my family and I have something to smile about.

Rael helped me join Takaiwa SHG and invited me to use her shop verandah to mend cloths. Since I did not have any work, she would assist me get customers especially those who came to purchase clothes from her shop. Things became better and I could raise some money for food and my weekly savings.

I got my first loan from the self help group and purchased some fabrics for making round skirts which I would later sell on market days. This has seen me expand my business because I also have regular customers who buy the skirts and sells them.

Our live has changed and all this is attributed to SHG through which we have learnt to love and care for each other. If not for SHGs Rael wouldn’t have reached out to me because we were equally poor and languishing in hunger and poverty.

Following in Rael’s foot steps, I have started mobilizing other women to join groups as well. Takaiwa is a dry place and without a source of income to purchase food, it is hard to meet household needs. above these, we need each other and build strong connections because when I succeed it is my obligation to help my neighbor succeed as well.”



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