West Pokot County is located in the North Western part of Kenya. It borders Uganda to the West, Trans Nzoia County and Marakwet County to the South, Turkana County to the north and East Baringo County to the South East.  Geographically, it lies between Latitudes 10 10 And 3040 N and Longitudes 340 50 and 350 50 E.

The County covers a total land area of 9,100 square kilometers and stretches a distance of 132 km from its north to its south borders. Its terrain is relatively rugged with major topographic features being beautiful hills, dry plains, and rugged escarpments.

The altitude of West Pokot ranges from 900m in the plains of Turkana in North-east to over 3370 m in Cherangani Hills in the South-eastern parts of the district. The highest altitudes fall between 2439-3370m above sea level, medium altitudes range from 1500m to 2100 meters above sea level, regions like Alale, Kacheliba and parts of Sigor have altitudes below 2100 and are flattest, driest and hottest in the district.