Who we are 

Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika is a nonprofit community based organization in West Pokot County in the North Western region of Kenya. It was founded in May 2010 by Philipine Chepkoech Kidulah a Kenyan woman born and raised in West Pokot County,  It got officially registered in August of 2011 with the Ministry of Gender and Social Services in West Pokot County and in May of 2012 it started to actively serving marginalized women in West Pokot County in Kenya.  

Our Mission

To empower marginalized and vulnerable women in West Pokot Kenya to overcome poverty and improve their resilience to the impacts of  climate change as well as contribute to building sustainable communities where they dwell

Our Vision

A world  where everyone has an equal opportunity to live life in all its fullness


Our Values

Wholeness of life, Equality, Self Reliance, Resilience, Sustainability,  Justice, Peace and Compassion

Our Founder’s Story


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Who we serve

Vulnerable Young Women in West Pokot County

We serve girls who have suffered harmful cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation, early marriages and denied access to education just because they were born girls. These practices lock our girls and their children in the cycle of poverty and make them highly vulnerable to harsh realities like violation, unemployment, food insecurity and conflict.  

Farming Women in Semi Arid Areas of West Pokot

We also serve women farmers that live in Semi Arid Areas of West Pokot who face the greatest vulnerability to droughts and conflicts in West Pokot Kenya. These women are not only the pillars of their families and respective communities, they also poses diverse capabilities that is unexplored due to challenging social, economic, cultural and environmental circumstances that they have battled with most of their lives.  Hence we seek to empower these women to embrace their potential to overcome poverty and vulnerability as well as to nurture and lead their communities into realizing the vision of sustainability.

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Our Approach and REACH

Priscila Kapcherop

Tailoring Skills Training


Young women trained


Sustainable Farming Skills Training


Young women trained



Psychocosial Support


Young women supported

Literacy and Numeracy Skills Training


Young women trained

Capital for business start up


Young women supported

Self Help Groups and Cluster Level Associations Training





Improved Livelihoods for women

Improved food security for women, their families and neighbourhoods

Improved literacy and numeracy among women

Improved psychosocial wellbeing of vulnerable women

Improved Social wellbeing of families and neighborhoods

Increased treeplanting initiatives among women

Our Team

Philipine Kidulah
Founder and Executive Director

Stephanie kidulah
Coordinator of Operations

Collean Nafula Silali

Coleen Nafula
Coordinator of Monitoring Evaluations and Communications

Judith Andisi

Judith Andisi
Coordinator of Girls Empowerment Program

Lucy Kitele
Book Keeper

Perpetual Yator
SHGs Mobilizer and Trainer in Kapenguria Ward

Edwin Kibunguchi
SHG mobilizer and Trainer in Masol Ward

Edmond Khamsini Wasilwa
SHG mobilizer and Trainer in Lomut Ward

Mary Makokha
Tailoring Trainer for 1st Year Students

Kathrah Sorgor
Tailoring Trainer for 2nd Year Students

Mary Wamboi
Tailoring Production Facilitator for Interning Students

Gladys Chepkemoi
Primary Subjects Trainer

Mary Olingo
Basic lIteracy Trainer

David Agevi

David Agevi
Farm Manager

Simon Cherelem
Farm Assistant and Grounds Keeper

Sarah Litoyi
School Chef

Sylvia Neko
Matron and Farm Assistant

Raphael Kibet
Night Guard

Maurice Njoroge

Our Partners

Get Involved

We are always looking for partners and volunteers to join us in making this mission a reality.

If you wish to join us please email us at contactus@jitokezewafrika.org