As long as the poor continue to suffer the injustice of climate change, none of us can truly rest

Climate change  poses one of greatest forms of injustice in our world today.  The reality of its impacts pose a daily threat on the survival and quality of life of people in low income countries, who have had the least historical contribution to the emission of greenhouse gases that have caused the crises of climate change. This ethical crises warrants each one of us that care about human rights, justice, peace and sustainability to act in redemptive ways that nurtures hope and quality of life for those that live today and our future children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, that will live in this world after we are gone. It is for this reason that Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika exists and chooses to empower the women in West Pokot County in Kenya that are most vulnerable to poverty and the adverse impacts of Climate Change in West Pokot Kenya.

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