How Your Purchase Transforms Lives in West Pokot, Kenya

All proceeds from your purchase are used to directly support the young women in our tailoring training program with capital to start their own businesses as tailors and small scale organic farmers.

These businesses empowers them to provide for their family’s basic needs like food, water, shelter, healthcare and education for their children.

Through these businesses the young women are also able to serve their neighborhoods and improve their own as well as their family’s and neighborhood’s overall wellbeing. 

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Our Seamstresses

Viola Kongasis

Viola is a young mother of three children who joined our program in 2015. she dropped out of school while in class four and started burning and selling charcoal. She later ventured into selling vegetables. She was not making enough cash to support her family and this forced her to start mining gold in nearby rivers. it was tiresome and she could only raise upto 100 shillings a day. her life was hard and she had started losing hope. she later came to learn of Jitokeze and decided to join our program

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Halima Naulida

Halima is a 24 year old lady who joined our program in 2016. She was born and raised in Cheptuya. She lost both parents at a young age and was taken in by foster parents. She attended school but was forced to drop out while in class 8 when she got pregnant. she gave birth to a boy and was later forced to move to her in laws place after her foster parents stopped supporting her.

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Noreen Tanui

Noreen was born and raised in Lelan. According to the Pokot traditions, she was gifted to her grand mother while still young forcing her to live with her grand mother while taking care of her. She completed her primary level education but her score was not satisfactory. She was forced to stay home until she learnt of Jitokeze and asked her parents to enroll her.

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Mercy Nekesa

Mercy is a hard working and jovial young lady who joined our program in 2018. She completed her primary education but could proceed since her mother could not raise fee for her secondary education. Her father had abandoned them for another wife and he was not willing to support them thus she was forced to drop out.

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Catherine Lokorio

Catherine was born and raised in Morpus. She reached class 7 and had to drop out when she got pregnatnt. Her parents refused her from getting married to the father of her child due to tribal issues. She was forced to stay at home and help her parents in herding goats and home chores. In 2018, she learnt of Jitokeze and saw it as a good opportunity to advance herself. She enrolled into our program and in December 2019

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Maureen Cheyech

Maureen joined our program in 2015 to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer and seamstress. She had dropped out of school while in class 7 after getting pregnant. She moved in with her sister who lives in Kapenguria and learnt of Jitokeze. Since she loved sewing she decided to join our program although her family did not support her. in 2016, she completed her training and all the commission she had made went into offsetting her fee balance. in 2017, she got herself a second hand sewing machine and started her sewing busines

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Sophia Chepkiach

Sofia is a married mother of one who joined our program in 2015. she dropped out of school while in class 6. her parents had separated and she was forced to stay with her marternal uncle. Due to harsh living conditions, she was forced to stay at home and take care care of home chores and tending to goats. later in 2015, her uncle agreed to enroll her into our tailoring program. He supported her by paying her fees and in 2016 when she completed her training.

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