From Mining Gold to a fashion Design and Dress making Class- Young girls and women abandoning Gold mines in Orwa West Pokot.

“I grew up knowing nothing more than mining gold to put food on the table. I was married at an early age when my parents failed to put me in school due to financial constraints. Iam  a mother of two girls 4 years and 1 ½ years old and my husband is unemployed.

Mining gold isn’t stable because some days one can get up to Ksh 600 and other days get nothing at all. Due to insecurity in the area, Most attacks are carried out on innocent women mining gold. I was always worried for my girls and used to think a lot on how to make things better and put them in a good school. When Jitokeze came to recruit girls into the girls empowerment program, I was very happy for this chance. This was a God given opportunity and I wasn’t going to let it pass. I knew once I learn to sew and get a sewing machine, our life will change.

Things were not easy for me though in the beginning. I am a rough person and no one messes with me easily. I would find myself constantly at the disciplinary section. However, through the advises and counseling, I gradually changed and focused on my training.

I am proud of myself because in two months I have sewed cloths for my daughters already. Besides sewing, I am also in the adult and continuing education class and I hope with time I will be able to read and write. I plan to change my story from that of a poor girl to a successful business woman in Future.  I know by God’s grace, Jitokeze and my cooperation my dream will come to pass”

Flomena Chenangat


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